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Some Incredible Casual Game Sales Stats

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Was reading this informative post on and some incredible sales figures jumped out at me. I knew the games mentioned had done well but seeing these hard figures was mind blowing…

Jewel Quest (2 games in franchise excluding the solitaire ones): $27 million in revenue! 4 million units sold. (average $6.75 per sale). Sales breakdown = 2 million on PC, 2 million on mobile and around 100,000 via XBox Live Arcade. AWESOME!

Diner Dash: 200 million downloads (not clear if this is the first game only or includes the sequels). $35 million revenue. If I Assume $6.75 per sale (like for Jewel Quest) that’s over 5 million units sold! (and a 2.5% conversion rate.) I’ve seen it on a variety of platforms including Nintendo DS!

Mystery Case Files (not sure if it means the first game or includes the sequels): 1.2 million units sold. Impressive! Wonder if the programmer is a millionaire yet?

Hope you enjoyed these stats!