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Marketing Resource

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

One of my readers, Stephen Burns, has made a good marketing page on his website. It contains information about which security wrapper and installer he used, which download sites he uploaded to, and a shareware summission service by Glimmer Games (I’ve used it before too and I recommend it as good value). Perhaps the most useful part is a list of Portals that he’s contacted. The list contains links to the actual developer submission/contact pages which are not always that easy to find!

Seems like the guy is being pretty thorough in the marketing, he just needs a good strong game with tons of bling to get pimping. Also, he has a very ambitious plan to produce 8 games per year. Good luck!

How do you know when something is finished?

Monday, June 4th, 2007

Someone asked the above question on the Blitz forum recently. They also said “deep down you’re thinking ‘but I could just do x, y and z and then it’ll be even better.’

Well this is a topic that I could sure talk about for a while and probably many people would have different opinions as well. I think a lot depends on what the thing is that you are finishing of course, and who you are finishing it for. For example, if it’s for someone else, it’s finished when they say it is! But let’s assume you are making a game for/by yourself for now…

Basically, is it a viable option to sell it now or are x,y,z required to make it sell or to make it sell MUCH more? Your testers should have indicated whether the features were “must haves” or “maybes but not really bothered”. If it’s ready to sell, then sell it and put your time into a new project with all you’ve learned (or a sequel/re-skin if applicable).

If it’s not a retail product (i.e. it’s free) the same logic applies in terms of asking your testers is it good enough for release. Also your reputation may be affected positively or negatively by the release so anything you can do to make it more positive in order to secure future deals is good (this has totally worked for me). Mind you having ANYTHING finished is really positive, it’s just that the quality affects the order of magnitude of positiveness 🙂