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“You are unable to follow instructions”

Monday, May 14th, 2007

Found this funny little program in the BlitzMax documentation. It’s demonstrating the use of the Select/Case/Default keywords.

You should be able to follow this even if you are not a programmer (I hope). I like the Default text best 🙂

a=Int( Input(“Enter a number between 1 and 5 “) )

Select a
Case 1 Print “You think small”
Case 2 Print “You are even tempered”
Case 3,4 Print “You are middle of the road”
Case 5 Print “You think big”
Default Print “You are unable to follow instructions”
End Select

What would you have typed in if you didn’t know what the program was going to output?

Hit a nice milestone today

Friday, May 11th, 2007

Yeah the game screen on my current game is basically done now, woo! I sent a build off to the producer. The engine totally works and all the fancy little polish bits have been added in, although there may well be a few more by the end. It’s nice to reach a point where you can totally play the game and enjoy it and find it addictive! A friend had a go the other day and I had to stop him playing it so we could watch a movie. My kids ask to go on it and smile when I show them the special particle effects 🙂

Now I’ve got to make all the other screens e.g. Loading, Title, Options, Credits, Story, Map, Trophies, Meta Game, Mini Game, End Level, End Game etc. And each one has to be thoroughly polished. It’s gonna take a while, but it should be great. Looks like the game may be in an early beta state during mid-late June. Oh and then I’ve got to localise it in several languages and get it working in Vista and OSX. Wish me luck!

Anyone else got some nice game/engine/demo milestones coming up? It really feels great to hit them, but the best is actually finishing of course. I’m trying to visualise that at the moment, but it seems a long way off…at least I have a clear plan and know where I’m heading and can take it one step at a time.

Negative Internet Output

Friday, May 11th, 2007

Last year when I was reading some newspapers (that I’d bought for the Sudoku puzzles) in a holiday cottage in Cornwall, I remarked to my partner, Helen, that a large majority of the “opinion” pieces in the newspapers were basically negative. The journalists seemed to pride themselves on their sarcasm and negative wit. I wasn’t on their wavelength (because I was chilling out on holiday), so I wasn’t able to join in and go “haha, yeah that’s crap” or whatever. Instead I just saw them as moaning and being horrible about someone or something or some place – and it totally didn’t appeal to me.

In fact it reminded me of when I was younger and *I* used to talk like that about everthing. I think a lot of people get into that sort of negative/slagging off/complaining mindset when they are younger. The important question is: do they ever get out of that mindset? I hope so…

Helen just sent me a link to this article by a jounalist who came to the same realisation about themselves many years ago. They also commented that blogs are often very negative and I agree, that’s why I’ve avoided negative posts and complaining on my blogs. Forums can be very similar. And if you’ve ever actually read any of the comments that people leave on, then you know how extreme it can get.

Basically it boils down to “Speak ill of no man”. Don’t slag of people, or companies, or products, or places etc because it just gets you in that negative mindset and you’ll end up surrounded by more negative people either moaning with you or attacking you back!

So on that note, keep your Internet output positive and have a great weekend! 🙂