Xmas Bonus Hints and Tips

I still get the occasional email from people who are a bit stuck on my first game, Xmas Bonus. I made some of the levels quite challenging but none are impossible (I tested them all multiple times).

I’ve had a couple of emails about level 16 which people seem to find quite hard because of the ice at the top of the pyramid. So here’s a simple tip:

First check to see if you can make a match with any of the frozen pieces at the top and do so if you can. Then straight away you should use the star and the matchstick to remove some of the ice at the top. Then keep making matches until you get more matchsticks or stars and use them to clear the remaining ice. Then keep playing to paint all the squares gold. Sometimes a paint brush will appear which you can use to paint hard to reach squares.

That’s all for now, but if anyone else gets stuck on any levels, post here and I’ll post some more tips.

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