Titan Attacks mobile – Developer Diary #8: Jupiter and Titan!

I made good progress since last week as I added in the whole of the Jupiter and Titan worlds.

Note that the backgrounds throughout the game are still placeholder and don’t have the fancy animated scenery of the original game yet.

I also made the Titan centipedes work and coded critical hit functionality on the enemies, which is quite cool.

Here’s a video!

New Features in Detail

– Added in all Jupiter graphics, animations, enemies, bullets, levels.
– Made sure the lurching enemies on Jupiter don’t fire when off screen.
– Added in all Titan graphics, animations, enemies, bullets, levels.
– Made centipedes and pods work on Titan
– Finished behaviour bass class loose ends
– Got Critical Hit working

Next up

– Bit more work on gidrah and entity base classes.
– Laserbrain! (this controls the enemies that fire lasers on Jupiter)
– Animation loose ends
– Bosses
– Player tank upgrades

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