This is how beautiful Vancouver is

I moved to Vancouver in November 2008 to work as a game designer/programmer for Big Fish Games. One of the reasons we decided to move here was that Canada has amazing scenery and Vancouver is in a fantastic beautiful location.

I love taking photos and here are some recent ones that I feel capture the essence of our local environment. Enjoy! (click images to enlarge them)

skyline 2

View from our rear balcony (we are seriously lucky to have such a great view).

nature 2

Bald Eagles nest here, North West of Vancouver.

islands 2

View out to sea from a roadside parking lot, North West Vancouver.

5 Responses to “This is how beautiful Vancouver is”

  1. Alexei Vinidiktov Says:

    Thanks for the photos but I can’t see the larger images in any browser on Mac OS X.

  2. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Hi Alexei, thanks for the heads up. I was actually trying to update Photopress at the time but the update didn’t work properly and doesn’t show the larger images. I reverted to the old one which shows the larger images but with my blog text on them You can still click them to see them properly. Take another look.

    Maybe soon I’ll update WordPress AND Photopress and see if they both talk properly 🙂

  3. Alexei Vinidiktov Says:

    Thanks, Jake!

  4. Family Man Says:

    How is life there?

    I’m French, so I lived in France. I spent lots of years in the UK too, but I went back to France because life was better there. I might move again in the foreseable futur and Canada is on my potential list. But really, I think life quality will be my top priority (more than the actual job there) as I want the best for my family. So, how is life there for raising a family?


    The Family man.

  5. Grey Alien Games Says:

    France was actually on our list of possible places to move to (along with Italy and Spain). We liked the UK actually but wanted to be somewhere warmer and dryer in the winter. When I got the offer to work here we moved for the experience, not because UK was bad (we lived on the South cost in Dorset, beautiful countryside).

    Anyway, I like it here a lot, Canada is a great country with friendly people and a liberal attitude. Schools seem good in this area and it’s possible to live in a nice family house on a little plot of land. Vancouver is very multi-cultural which is great. However, the housing market in Vancouver is very overpriced which means that in a way quality of life drops because you have less cash to spend on doing nice things. Soon I want to be living somewhere that is inexpensive whilst my income greatly exceeds my outgoings, and work for myself again, and then my quality of life will increase.