The best card game of 2015? Regency Solitaire!

Rock, Paper, Shotgun asked: What is the best card game of 2015?
We were really delighted that the answer was “Regency Solitaire.”

An original theme
“I need a theme and a reason to care other than a steadily elevating challenge or numbers that increase every time I click the right part of the screen,” said Adam. “Regency Solitaire is a perfect marriage of puzzle and theme.”

We did a lot of research to try to send our players right back to the aristocratic England of 1812 – and we seem to have succeeded.

Genteel category
According to Pip, “What matters is this is a genteel game (the world needs more for the genteel category, by the way) about finding true love and saving your brother. While playing rounds of lovely cards on your own for hours.”

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Shadowhand in the works
Our next game, Shadowhand, is well underway. This time we are hanging out with highway robbers and swashbuckling pirates in the 1770s.

You can pick up a copy of Regency Solitaire here on our site or on Steam:

Regency Solitaire is a product of the GamesLab South West programme, funded by the European Regional Development Fund, supported by the Government’s Regional Growth Fund and led by Creative England.

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