Thanksgiving Sale! Up to 70% discount


Grey Alien Games is having a Thanksgiving sale with up to 70% discount on our match-3 games.

There are also some awesome bundle deals for PC and Mac including:

Holiday Bundle (2 games):
Holiday Bonus and Xmas Bonus (60% discount. Only $6.76)

Mega Bundle (3 games):
Holiday Bonus, Spring Bonus and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (65% discount. Only $10.44)

Giant Bundle (5 games):
Holiday Bonus, Spring Bonus. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Xmas Bonus and Easter Bonus (70% discount. Only $13.15)

Please take a look and tell you friends. Thanks! Note that you can gift purchases to other people as well by using the “Purchase is for someone else” box on the shopping cart.

We’ve never run a sale before so this is an experiment for us. If it goes well, we’ll do more sales in the future too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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