Spooky Bonus match-3 game artwork

It’s October and Halloween is on the way!

Last year we launched our Spooky Bonus match-3 game in time for Halloween and it did very well. People really loved it and it won several awards including Best Holiday-themed Game 2013 on Big Fish Games, and Best Match-3 game on Pond Friends and All About Casual Game.

This year I’ve asked all the distributors to re-promote it at Halloween because that would seem to be a no-brainer. So fingers crossed that they do a good job!

Meanwhile, here are some great-looking backgrounds from the game (click to enlarge). There are more to be discovered in the game.

Spooky Bonus Pumpkin Farm

Spooky Bonus Haunted Lake

Spooky Bonus Deserted Asylum

Spooky Bonus Haunted Farm

I’ll post some more game art soon!

You can buy the game here for only $6.99 here.

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