Some Incredible Casual Game Sales Stats

Was reading this informative post on and some incredible sales figures jumped out at me. I knew the games mentioned had done well but seeing these hard figures was mind blowing…

Jewel Quest (2 games in franchise excluding the solitaire ones): $27 million in revenue! 4 million units sold. (average $6.75 per sale). Sales breakdown = 2 million on PC, 2 million on mobile and around 100,000 via XBox Live Arcade. AWESOME!

Diner Dash: 200 million downloads (not clear if this is the first game only or includes the sequels). $35 million revenue. If I Assume $6.75 per sale (like for Jewel Quest) that’s over 5 million units sold! (and a 2.5% conversion rate.) I’ve seen it on a variety of platforms including Nintendo DS!

Mystery Case Files (not sure if it means the first game or includes the sequels): 1.2 million units sold. Impressive! Wonder if the programmer is a millionaire yet?

Hope you enjoyed these stats!

4 Responses to “Some Incredible Casual Game Sales Stats”

  1. Tex Pine Says:


    I wonder if I could ever have such a breakdown idea like this way. I would invest everything on more games, lol!

  2. Grey Alien Games Says:

    yeah amazing stats aren’t they!

  3. Insider Says:

    It seems that you’re naive enough to believe these numbers. I would take them and this entire article with a HUGE grain of salt, if I were you.

    Also, why would the MCF programmer be a millionaire? The entire game/franchise is owned by BFG, not the people who made it. It’s like wondering if the programmers of Halo or GTA are millionaires by now.

  4. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Why shouldn’t I believe them?

    The MCF programmer no doubt has shares in the company + probably gets royalties for the games and I bet he is able to ask a lot for each new one. I suspect he is doing very well because of them, otherwise why carry on? Halo and GTA are made by big teams so the wealth would be shared by different members and the publisher of course. They might still be quite well off though, if the team members are even the same from game to game…

    Certainly I aim to become a millionaire from making games. Probably not from programming them, more likely from designing and producing large numbers of top games per year – making a successful franchise is key to that.