Shadowhand developer vlog #4

We are really excited to share some cool active abilities and new sounds this week in Developer Vlog #4, on our unique RPG card game, Shadowhand.

This video gives further insight into how mini-deck building works in the inventory system, giving players the choice of ability cards to suit their own gameplay style. Whether you like to peek into the future to see what cards are coming up next, or just want to hit things with a gigantic hammer and see what shakes loose, there’s something for everyone.

2 Responses to “Shadowhand developer vlog #4”

  1. Lita Brooker Says:

    Grateful you take such care with developing your games. Graphics, animation, music, SFX, storyline, and level of challenge deliver value for money as well as absorbing enjoyment. Looking forward to Shadow Hand being released! All the best to you and the team.


  2. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Thanks for your comment Lita! We’re glad you enjoy our games and are looking forward to Shadowhawnd. 🙂