Richard Garriott heads for space!

I was just reading this article about Richard Garriott, a well-known game developer, who is soon going to be a “private” astronaut (in that he has paid for his own ticket).

This story is inspiring to me in a few ways. 1) he has amassed enough cash through making games to be able to pay $30,000,000 for a ticket! 2) he always wanted to go into space and he is about to achieve that aim, nice one! 3) his family thought that game development was a temporary windfall and that it would dry up, but he sure made it work big time.

Actually, like most kids, I wanted to go into space and build rockets as well and I thought that working at NASA might be a good way to get that done, but perhaps it could be done privately. So lets see what the future holds… 😉

Oh and I loved the Ultima serious of games, they are brilliant.

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