PCs in 5 and 15 years

I was just emailing a friend of mine about his new PC and I started thinking about how cool future PCs will be (I do this every so often ;-)). And I found myself writing about it to him, so I thought I’d post it here too so I can check it in 5 and 15 years time!

Do you think that in about 5 years we’ll have stuff like this:

Multi-terrabyte solid state drives that are totally reliable. Multi-gigs of RAM – maybe 100Gb or more (if anyone needs that much), multi-core chips running crazy speeds, graphics cards that leave everything now standing, HD DVD drives, totally quiet components and fans (yay!) low energy consumption. Oh and everyone will have TFTs that are better than current ones (CRT will be dead). More and more people will be using speech recognition too. Oh and mostly everything will be wireless. Oh and how fast will Internet be, maybe not that much faster 🙁 but hopefully lots? This is all assuming we still have electricity! 😉

What about 15 years? Petabye instant drives, terrabytes of RAM (if it’s even needed any more), new crazy-ass chips with rad technology and very high speeds, New optical standard drive (no moving parts) that still reads everything old like CDs, DVDs and HD DVDs, silent, ultra low-power, wireless, speech recognition enabled as standard, OS has AI elements, new screen technology (possibly paper thin and any size with super high res), Internet faster than today’s harddrives, new energy source to power it all (alien?)

I could go on for quite a while e.g. 25 years, 50 years … 1000 years etc. But I’ll stop for now 😉

If you have anything to add then please post and we’ll come back and check in years to come.

2 Responses to “PCs in 5 and 15 years”

  1. Arowx Says:

    Only that’s no longer a PC it’s a supercomputer! And let’s face it once you have desktop super computers then we are going to have to get rid of these dumb operating systems and start running some smart AI systems that can see and hear and respond on a human level, although this might be dumbing them down!

  2. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Yeah it should be way cool. Also making games may be pretty good fun when you just describe what you want and it writes the code for you!