My First Game is Live on Xbox Live Indie Games!


I’m proud to announce that my first game is live on XBox Live Indie Games! It’s a port of my PC/Mac download title Holiday Bonus that has been expertly coded by James Mintram of Mintratech. Many thanks James for doing a great job under lots of time pressure + getting snowed in away from home!

Yes the game is late, but it was a last minute surprise project for us both. Also we had to pull it out of the submission queue due to a bug and then the system forces you to wait another 7 days before resubmitting. After submitting you have to get the game peer reviewed by 9 other devs before it’ll go live, and that took 10 days.

*** Please download the game trial and give it a good review! Thx. ***

If you feel like supporting us, it’s only 80 points, a bargain considering the download version is $6.95 ๐Ÿ˜‰

Official Xbox page.

Next up, an Easter Bonus conversion!

I’m officially Indie again on Friday 14th January, and I have a LOT planned for this year. Looking forward to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

6 Responses to “My First Game is Live on Xbox Live Indie Games!”

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  2. Cezar Wagenheimer Says:

    Congratulations for the release!

    I have already downloaded I will make a review very soon! =)

    How was the conversion procress, it was too much work? Did you use any specific engine or just the XNA SDK?

  3. S.E. Gordon Says:

    Just wanted to say that your posts are a great source of inspiration. It’s incredible that you were able to turn things around so quickly. Great job! I look forward to playing your releases later this year. I’m working on an RPG myself. Best of luck!

  4. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Thanks! Well I didn’t do the conversion, James Mintram did. He already had a match-3 engine in the XNA SDK and he added more features in order to support Holiday Bonus. He did it very quickly, in two weeks. We could have spent longer adding more polish but we had to get it out in time for Christmas, turns out we missed that date anyway,

  5. Cezar Wagenheimer Says:

    It has been almost three months! How was the sales? Do you think the Xbox Indie is a viable market?

    Ah, and congratulations for your new game! It seems very polished and the graphics are very good! Are you releasing it to multiple plataforms, right?

  6. Jake Birkett Says:

    Hi Cezar, well Jan had 132 sales with a CR of 12%, then when the game dropped out the new games list it dropped to 12 sales in Feb with a higher CR of 21%, March had 8 sales and 24% CR. With no marketing and no easy way for players to discover the game, I don’t expect very many sales on a monthly basis. Is it a viable market, no not at all for this type of game (especially at 80 points), it’s pretty much the worst market out there. Still we wanted to try it out for fun and interest and it has been a success in that sense.

    Yes the new game is looking good and will be released on multi-platforms. I’m relying on two other teams for the non-PC/Mac ports. Let’s see how it goes! I’ll blog about it for sure.