My 2013-2016 Indie Game Picks (PC)

Every year I put PC games that were fun and/or interesting into a special folder. Most of then are indie games but an occasional AAA game creeps in sometimes.

The games weren’t necessarily new that year but that was just when I happened to play them.

Anyway, here are my lists from 2013-2016. Do you remember playing some of these?


My favourite game was FTL. I got super-addicted to it and managed to beat it eventually.


Steamworld Dig is a fantastic game and the newer Steamworld Dig 2 is even better. Also Crypt of the Necrodancer was great.


Darkest Dungeon was fantastic, and hard, and it made an impression on me. Shovel Knight was also really great, and so were many of the other games I played that year.


Legend of Grimrock 2 was my favourite. I’ve been a fan of Dungeon Master style games ever since the Amiga.

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