More sales at lower prices

Recently I dropped the prices of all my match-3 games from $19.95 to $9.95 and $6.95. I’m definitely making more direct sales (and more revenue) at these new lower prices.

It’s not worth me posting any figures because my direct sales numbers are pretty low and also the prices have only been lower for a few weeks, so it’s still early days yet. Plus sales may be up simply because I sent out a newsletter, posted on forums, and plastered “NEW ULTRA LOW PRICES!” across the front of my site just to make sure people noticed 🙂

Previously I’d made hardly any Mac sales but now they have picked up nicely. There’s also a tendency for people to buy more than one game at the lower prices and I haven’t even implemented bundle deals via BMT Micro yet. I have the information on how to do that and will do it when I get time (and feel like it) – then I can send out another newsletter.

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