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One of my readers, Stephen Burns, has made a good marketing page on his website. It contains information about which security wrapper and installer he used, which download sites he uploaded to, and a shareware summission service by Glimmer Games (I’ve used it before too and I recommend it as good value). Perhaps the most useful part is a list of Portals that he’s contacted. The list contains links to the actual developer submission/contact pages which are not always that easy to find!

Seems like the guy is being pretty thorough in the marketing, he just needs a good strong game with tons of bling to get pimping. Also, he has a very ambitious plan to produce 8 games per year. Good luck!

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  1. Stephen Says:

    Hey its Stephen :). But Steve it cool as I was a big fan of Steve Iwin and loved his Passion for Nature. When he passed away last year it was tough and it affected me (also liked Peter Brock :(). I have that crazy passionate thing going as well, but for games and making stuff. I wanted to be a mountain climber as well and climb K2. Now I would prefer to be a good dad and look after myself for my kids (Kids not here yet :)). Freezen my you know what off 400 meters from the top of k2 does have its downside.

    Just because its 8 games doesn’t mean they are 8 good ones ;).

  2. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Hi Stephen. Sorry about that fixed. The silly thin is I looked at your name to make sure I got it right and went “OK ph, yep fine” and then type V anyway, doh! 🙂

    Hey I climbed (well Hiked) up a mountain in Austria, it wasn’t that high @ 1500m but it was tiring 🙂

  3. Stephen Says:

    My marketing strategy was based on your Blog post. Your tips are great. Also because you released the stats on Xmas it got the juices flowing in the head last year. I was just going to throw it in last year, but I am ready for another crack at it. Working with some real positive coders is heaven for development. Also I hope my coders feel good as well working with the design documents.

    The highest mountain I have been up is Mt Emei in China at 3079 meters. It was awesome and I want to go back one day. We also just walked to the top as we were part of a tour group. Very easy mountain to climb and your above the clouds.

  4. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Cool glad the blog helped! Hey these stats have not been released before, but Xmas Bonus has now sold 375 copies (via direct sales and portals – most via postals). Total revenue is around £652. This revenue is low because I used a publisher for the first year of sales who took a cut (can’t disclose). Since last November I self-published (relaunched it @ $9.99 in some places) to the portals and on my own site and thus made more money per unit. I was gonna give these new stats (and Easter Bonus stats) to Gameproducer at some point.

  5. Grey Alien Games Says:

    The Chinese mountain sounds cool 🙂 We hiked up in about 1.5-2 hours so it was quite draining but the views were amazing and so was the feeling of achievement.

  6. Stephen Says:

    Our target sales for Molipop is around 200 (Or about 16 per month over 12 months). After 4 weeks on the market I will be sending the results to gameproducer and then a 6 month update later on (I would like to get to 16 🙂 sales). I was expecting a little bit better then what I am seeing atm. From my own data I’d say puzzle games see the most action on portals. Due to the results our next 4 games for the 2nd half have been adjusted accordingly (cough meta games).

    Marketing is 50% of a “indie game makers time” (if you want to get more sales). If you want portals to look at you I suggest meta games now. I will be posting up a meta game guide in 3 weeks (My design template for the 2nd half of 2007). Basically the marketing effort this June is equal to me rolling out another design document and final art. This week I will be posting my design template for this first half of 2007 (the vanilla puzzle game production kit).

  7. Grey Alien Games Says:

    yeah meta games are where it’s at plus a story too. This is on top of the standard map, different playmodes, profiles etc. So you are hoping for 16 direct sales of Molipop per month? I confess that I think that may be difficult because the game doesn’t stand out particularly – you’ll have to do a heck of a lot of marketing! It wouldn’t be hard if you spread it on lots of portals but then you wouldn’t get the full retail value of the game.

  8. Stephen Says:

    Then its onto operation “bling it up” 🙂

  9. Grey Alien Games Says:


  10. Stephen Says:

    Released the puzzle pack “just add bling”. My meta puzzle pack add on will be out in 3 or so months when we release our first meta puzzle game.
    Also another puzzle game will roll out this week. Its clone wars ya baby :).