Jewel Match Solitaire Summertime Launches on Steam

Grey Alien Games is delighted to announce that it launched Jewel Match Solitaire Summertime on behalf of Suricate Software today on Steam for PC. UK-based Grey Alien Games published the game on behalf of Suricate Software, a European game developer behind numerous classic casual titles. This follows a similar agreement to bring Suricate’s other Jewel Match titles to Steam.

Jewel Match turns up the heat with this Solitaire Summer Edition, which includes exploring more than 200 levels, and restoring 5 beautiful summer escapes!

Players can choose from 4 different game modes: Normal, Hard, Relaxed, and Timed, and activate 120 brand new Supersize and Challenge levels for a different gameplay experience. Up to 18 Solitaire variants are included, such as classic Klondike and also new variations like Siegecraft and Lady Maria.

In addition to dozens of gameplay variations, players can unlock beautiful butterflies and birds to populate the scenes.

‘Solitaire fans will love the many different game variations, beautiful houses and landscapes to build, and a relaxing soundtrack ,’ said Grey Alien Games’ Jake Birkett. ‘there’s so much gameplay to enjoy.’

Grey Alien Games has several of its own titles on Steam, including Regency Solitaire, Shadowhand, and Ancient Enemy.

For more details, please visit the Steam store page, here

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