I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.9.1

The upgrade was seamless, which was a relief seeing as my old version of WordPress was pretty ancient. Anyway, please keep an eye out for any oddities and let me know if anything is weird (I know that the photopress plugin is a bit broken, so when you click on images they get overwritten by the sidebar).

I also added a Most Popular section to the sidebar, which I’m very pleased with. At some point I want to add a recent posts list too (or popular recent posts). I could even add a Recommended section as the most popular aren’t necessarily the best ones (imho). However, this will just make the sidebar ultra long so maybe a smart way to do it would maybe be with some kind of tabbed control – although I’ve got no idea how to do that as HTML/php is not my forté (perhaps one of you has heard of a plugin for such a thing?)

Other changes are; I renamed Categories to Topics which is a tip I learned from Tim Feriss (excellent blog if you’ve never checked it out – also I recommend his book), and I moved my Twitter status down a bit so that people don’t click on it and exit the blog.

Now I’ve got to get used to the new WordPress look and capabilities. Anything really cool I should know about?

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