iPhone Millionaire

Read a great success story today about a lone iPhone developer who made a game called iShoot that made him $600,000 in one month! On the day it hit no. 1 on the App Store it made $37,000. I mean WOW!

He thinks he’ll be a millionaire pretty quickly. It’s seems that one element of his success was a free version with an advert for the full price ($3) version. Lots of people seem to be releasing free “lite” versions of their apps and it seems like the way to go, it’s basically like the downloadable casual game model except that they are not time limited (they are feature limited)

Anyway good for him. I also saw a discussion on another forum where people were saying that “normal” iPhone games never do that well because there are so many vying for the top spots, and you can’t bank on a big success like iShoot. Well I actually think you should probably study what all the best ones got right and then think positively about yours being the best and a massive success and then do it! (In fact I’m tempted to make one myself!) Thinking that your game will be “normal” and not have much success is just a recipe for failure.

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