Interesting PopCap Interview

I enjoyed this PopCap Interview with CEO Dave Roberts and co-founder John Vechey.

The interview mentions how Bejewelled was a web game at first, and how PopCap tried to sell it for $60,000 because they weren’t making any money. Luckily for them they failed to sell it! Then they made a downloadable version and the rest is history (10 million sales and growing…). They also started off the business model where the revenue from downloadable games is shared between the developer and the site the games are downloaded from (e.g. Yahoo, MSN etc).

There’s some other interesting information about the state of the casual game industry today and where it might be heading. Funnily at the end, Vechey says “I want the most addictive game ever. I don’t know what it is. We want to make it“. Well I thought they’d already done that with Bejewelled and Peggle to be honest! Oh and Bookworm Adventures is pretty damned good too!

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