HOT: Top Facebook Games Stats

Just read these stats about the top 10 Facebook games as of June 9th:

1: Friends For Sale! (633,897 active players)
2: TexasHoldEmPoker (553,999)
3: Scrabulous (444,548)
4: (Lil) Green Patch (437, 847)
5: Mob Wars (288, 372)
6: Who Has The Biggest Brain? (279,242)
7: Speed Racing (207, 283)
8: Bowling Buddies (205, 716)
9: Pokey! (202,161)
10: Word Challenge (193, 850)

That’s pretty impressive. I haven’t actually tried any of these because Facebook is EVIL (well, actually it’s just a waste of my precious time, so I don’t bother). I assume these games generate revenue from adverts (I could be wrong) in which case they should be doing pretty well.

Another approach would be to link to download games (or ad-driven online games) on your own site so that users might play the Facebook game and then end up on your site (great for generating traffic especially as some Facebook games generate MILLIONS of unique visitors per month).

4 Responses to “HOT: Top Facebook Games Stats”

  1. Tex Pine Says:

    Yeah, but think you gotta have zillions of “friends” to begin a truly meaningful viral marketing. 🙂

  2. ian Says:

    Nice little blog. The remark about the spectrum took me back a bit. Ammazing to think how much more computing power we have got today.

  3. Beaker Says:

    Some of those on the list aren’t actually games (Friends for Sale, Green Patch). More like toys and social comparison gizmos. (Correct me if I’m wrong!).

  4. Grey Alien Games Says:

    You are probably right. However, when I was at Casuality in Amsterdam, one of the lecturers was talking about social gaming and so on and was suggesting that even things like Ebay are a form of game…