Holiday Bonus is FREE for iPad/iPhone

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Holiday Bonus is FREE until Jan 1st so get it while you can and please tell your friends and family about this charming game. Thanks!

Holiday Bonus HD (for iPad)
Holiday Bonus (for iPhone)


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4 Responses to “Holiday Bonus is FREE for iPad/iPhone”

  1. Roman Budzowski Says:

    Looks like it helped spread the word about the game. Let’s see how it works out for revenue.

    It also shows the benefit of having paid version. You can’t do such promotion with freemium version (it probably won’t be catched by those appshopper sites).

  2. Jake Birkett Says:

    It had almost 1300 downloads when free.

  3. Roman Budzowski Says:

    Cool! So it’s more than my freemium had in total despite being free all the time 😀 Time to release paid version of Perfect Tree.

  4. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Yep, release paid version then drop price to free for coverage on free sites + I tweeted and probably got a quite few downloads from that.