Hire me to speak!

As I’ve mentioned before I’m improving my public speaking skills because I really enjoy helping people to become successful as game designers, or in running their business, or just in their daily lives. I feel like it’s a mission of mine, a life purpose if you will, and I intend to pursue it.

Already I help people via my blog and I receive grateful comments and emails every week that encourage me to keep going (thanks everyone!) I also enjoy talking to people one-on-one about their goals and aspirations to see if I can help them – so public speaking seems like a good way to literally reach a larger audience. Plus it’s a self-growth experience for me because I have to be confident and communicate my ideas clearly.

Anyway, I’ve made a list of my speaking credentials and would love to hear from you if you are interested in having me do a speech at your venue, or even an interview (via email or phone or whatever).

One Response to “Hire me to speak!”

  1. Juuso Says:

    As a someone who knows Jake (due virtual ways, never met him real-life) I can warmly recommend him for any of the topics mentioned.