Grey Alien Games is 2 years old!

I had to renew my and domains today, so that means my site is 2 years old! Yay 🙂 I originally made it in Nov 2005 so that I had some kind of reference site for when people bought Xmas Bonus from the publisher or portals. In Dec 2006 I revamped the site for the launch of my independently published game Holiday Bonus and because I started selling Xmas and Easter bonus myself, rather than via a publisher.

I’ve added quite a few Blitz games and also some Reflexive affiliate titles, but it’s quite a few months out of date now due to me working frantically on my current game.

The next phases is to move away from manually created pages (how lame) and have auto-generate pages via PHP and MYSQL. Then I’ll have a special Blitz Games page and will be adding lots more! I’ll probably do this in December, and announce it then. Watch this space…

5 Responses to “Grey Alien Games is 2 years old!”

  1. Oliver Says:

    Awesome, congrats! Next year is going to be my start-up year and I just wanted to drop by and say”Kudos” since your games and webpage actually got me started. 🙂

  2. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Thanks! Wow, that’s great that my games and webpage helped get you started. Good luck with your Indie career. It’s not easy, there’s lots to learn, but it’s VERY satisfying when it all starts to work out 🙂

  3. Tex Pine Says:

    I’m having a very good experience with WordPress system in our site, With some adjustments and a custom theme, we are using this blog software as a site management system, with the plus side that it already has plenty of plugins – we use one for form contacts, one for multilingual, one for advanced form on posts and a last one for screenshots browsing.

    Worths a look.

  4. Tex Pine Says:

    I mean, we use WordPress for the WHOLE site, not only the blog. All pages are managed by it. The future e-commerce page will be also.

  5. Blueskied Says:

    Happy Birthday, site!