Grey Alien Framework is 2 years old!

It’s been 2 years since I first released the Grey Alien BlitzMax Game Framework. In that time period I’ve sold over 160 units to customers all over the world. I’ve made 3 commercial games with it, the latest being the smash hit Fairway Solitaire, which was released in December 2007 for PC and in February 2008 for Mac. Many of my customers have made commercial and free games with it and there are more in the pipeline.

Also in December 2007, one of my customers kindly set up a forum for framework users. This has been a great success as framework users can now help each other (and me) and also showcase their projects.

I’ve had a great year so far for framework sales which may well be due to the release of Fairway Solitaire. Perhaps it’s due to other factors too like an improved Blitz forum signature. Or maybe it’s just that the customer base has reached a critical mass where recommendations become a real factor. Whatever the reason, I’m very pleased 🙂

So, anyway, a big thanks to all my customers for your continued support and help. I’ve received numerous suggestions for bug fixes and improvements from my customers and the Mac support is greatly improved due to help from some very kind users – so thanks very much everyone!

screenshot1 screenshot3 speedrun

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