Fairway Solitaire Cheats

I’ve been getting lots of emails about how to cheat on Fairway Solitaire because some of the end courses are really tough. There are no in-game cheats at all I’m afraid – they were all removed in the final version. However, it is possible to modify one of the data files to make the tough courses easier as follows (Windows XP):

– Go to your C Drive via My Computer
– Go to Program Files\Fairway Solitaire
– Go into Data\Levels
– Make a backup copy of CourseList.csv somewhere safe.
– Right Click CourseList.csv and click Open with WordPad or NotePad (if you are using Windows Vista you need to open it with Adminstrator privileges)
– Find the course AFTER the one you are stuck on
– If you are modifying Joe’s Gas and Golf – find where it says SCORE,-1 and change -1 to something much easier like 20
– If you are modifying Mystery Madness – find where it says TOKENS,25000 and change 25000 to something much easier like 1000
– Save the file.
– Run the game and check the course goal, it should have changed.
– Tada!

The courses mentioned in the cheats are only really hard in V1.01 of the game. They are easier in V1.02 and higher. Please note that it is not possible to cheat on the last course: The Baron. Also there are no cheats for the Mac version.

Hope this helps you out, and thanks for playing the game so far!


It is possible to adjust the data files using the above technique on the Mac version shipped by BFG, but it requires a little “hacking”. The problem is that the data folder is a hidden folder, and it’s inside the application bundle. So once you get inside the application bundle you need to tell Finder to be able to view hidden folders so that you can locate the data folder. However, I cannot tell you how to do that because BFG would not be happy if I said how to hack their Mac wrapper. If you googled for the information you might succeed…but it’s probably easier to just try to beat the level 😉

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  1. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Hi bobbyjus, you’ll have to give me more detail on what you were trying to fix for me to help you. Feel free to email me. The email address is on the contact page.

  2. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Here are Mac instructions for fixing the lady_pic error:

    1) User Finder to look at your Hard Drive.
    2) Go into Users/Shared/Grey Alien Games/Fairway Solitaire/
    3) Open FairwaySolitaire.ini with TextEdit.
    4) Find the line that says PROFILE NAME= and delete everything after the = sign.
    5) Save the file
    6) Reload the game. It should load properly but you will be on a profile with no name. You can use the Player Manager to create a new player but you cannot choose your old player because the profile is corrupted unfortunately.

  3. BettyM Says:

    Love This Game. Tough in various tourneys but finally made it through. The toughest were Mystery Madness – wanted to throw away my computer, often. Next wasn’t very hard. But The Baron was also hard but not nearly as hard as Mystery Madness.
    – I have version 1.02 and will probably get the newest version, But 1.02 is really not so bad except for mystery madness…
    – It got boring without games to make me think – using hidden cards, etc. Rather boring to me at times but still Love the Game.
    – I did have a glitch several times in Mystery Madness where it would not let me click on a card in far right column but i just kept on playing. Also happened once or twice in The Baron. And throughout the game – a certain times when I clicked – screen would minimize – i would just click on it again & screen would go back to full screen – not losing anything.
    – But This Is One Game I Can Keep Playing Again & Again because the ‘courses’ are so different, you never what you are going to be playing next.

  4. BettyM Says:

    oh yes, the Wild Shot is really not so bad. If someone doesn’t like them – just click and keep going. Don’t hassle over it. Just play for Fun.

  5. BettyM Says:

    Was wondering, maybe my game minimizing may be because I have windows 7 or maybe not.
    – I also finished without using any cheats listed above. But now that I’ve found them, I may change Mystery Madness…….

  6. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Glad you liked the game BettyM! Some of those card clicking bugs were fixed in later versions I believe. The minimizing bug is new though, it may be due to other software on your computer demanding screen time, like a virus killer.

  7. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Worth knowing about Windows 7 thx, I’ll look out for other reports of it.

  8. Grey Alien Games Says:

    To find out how to show hidden files and folders on Vista go here:

  9. Delilah Says:

    Just wanted to thank you for the tip; it’s not so difficult to “cheat” in this game, according to your piece of advice, this kind of “cheat” is a bit of common in games using console, or any type of config. you can edit through notepad. I should have done this before I googled the solution and found you.
    I modified all of the levels with Excel, and the game is now much easy to go through. I’m sure most of the people did the same thing, just that I didn’t wanted to go over the whole list of comments.
    Anyway, I’m sure that the game without this “help” is nice to play, but, at the same time, players don’t like to loose in front of it. You have 109 comment (including me 🙂 ) as evidence.

  10. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Thanks for your comment Delilah. I didn’t actually design the levels, someone at Big Fish Games did. I wish they were a bit easier too.

  11. Jason Batt Says:

    I tried your code, and I can edit the file, but I cannot save the changes.

  12. Jason Batt Says:

    I am running Windows Vista Home Edition.

  13. Jason Batt Says:

    Disregard that. I got it working. I just had to go in & give myself full control of the CourseList file.

  14. Grey Alien Games Says:

    @Jason: Yes you normally need to run the editor as administrator. Did you right click the file and edit the security properties instead to give yourself full access?

  15. Jo Barnes Says:

    I have this come up when I try to start the game! I have been playing for over a year now & am praying the game hasn’t left me for good!

    : failed to save file fairwaysolitaire.ini


  16. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Hi Jo, it sounds like the permissions on the save data folder have changed for some reason. Send me an email letting me know which operating system you are using (e.g. Windows XP, or Vista, or 7, or Mac OSX) and I’ll see what I can do to help.

  17. Jo Barnes Says:

    It started working again, & it even remembered me & I didn’t have to start from the beginning, but it hasn’t made Jungle Falls course any easier to get thru 🙂
    Thanks anyway!
    Jo 🙂

  18. Jeni Says:

    Hey. I’m running Windows 7 on an HP Pavilion. It will let me open the file, edit it, but not change it. I’ve tried changing the ‘read-only” status, but it doesn’t ever appear to save as not read-only. I’m admin and the only one who uses my computer. I’ve even figured out how to edit the security settings,so the admin has full control, but it still only registers as ‘read-only’

  19. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Hi Jeni, which file are you editing? Courselist.csv or FairwaySolitaire.ini? They are in different locations. Anyway, not sure why it’s ready only on your system – probably a permissions thing. If editing the ini go up to the Grey Alien Games folder and try making that non-read only and giving admin permission and also Everyone. Then do the same for the Fairway folder inside it. If editing Courselist.csv maybe the Fairway folder that BFG makes is read only or has the wrong permissions, same with the Data folder inside it.

  20. Jeni Says:

    Thanks for your prompt reply. It’s Courselist.cvs. Do you say how to edit FairwaySolitaire.ini? I don’t see that as an option above… If I can’t edit that either, is there a way to find out if BFG is making the files read-only? I hate to bother you, but this is the only place that has offered any solutions. BFG just says, “nope, no solutions.” on it’s message boards. So, thank you for your help!

  21. Jake Birkett Says:

    Hi Jeni, yeah in the comments I discuss how to edit the ini for people that have had some problems. hmm strange that you can’t edit Courselist.csv. It must be to do with how BFG are installing the file on the system. One possible solution is to copy the whole of Fairway to another temporary folder and make that whole structure non-read only and set the correct permissions (to Admin and Everyone). This won’t affect your save games at all.

  22. Shar Zahan Says:

    Love the game. But I don’t have any money left and I just can’t get through a specific course in the classic section. Is there a cheat to have unlimited money?

  23. Shar Zahan Says:

    Never mind! Just found out about the mini put game under the options thnx to the bfg-forum. Got enough money now! I love this game!

  24. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Glad you like the game Shar, although I get the feeling you may be talking about the new Fairway, not the old one that I made…

  25. Shar Zahan Says:

    Could be, sorry then!

  26. Susan Says:

    Every since I downloaded the 1.08 game, I cannot get past the Anaconda level. I was trying to edit courselist, bit it won’t save me as an administrator. I am using Windows 7. Any ideas.

  27. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Hi Susan, do you mean the game crashes or something on Anaconda, or just that you can’t beat it? The difficulty has not changed, so you may just be having a bad run of cards.

    As for editing courselist, have you tried this:

    – find notepad (start, all programs, accessories)
    – right click notepad and selecting Open as Administrator
    – open up the courselist file in notepad
    – edit and save the file?

    That should work, or have you tried that and it’s still complaining?

  28. Susan Says:

    I just can not beat the game. I get to the last card and then it feeds me bad cards. I can get one perfect, but not 2
    As to your instructions, can you dumb it down some, please? I don’t see open as administrator when I right click on notepad

  29. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Thanks for the info Susan. I should have written Run as administrator. Is that on the pop up menu?

    Also please try these instructions:

  30. Tallima Says:


    My 7-month old hit the keyboard randomly and I got all the irons. I played around a while and found CTRL+SHIFT+A gives all the irons. Might help a few folks who want a full bag.


  31. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Ha, well done. I can’t believe it took what 4 years for someone to find that 🙂 It’s a pretty big spoiler as once you know it, the game is not nearly as challenging. So use sparingly!

  32. Charlie Sondag Says:

    Can you tell me if there are “cheats” for the iPod version of the game? I’ve completed all of the courses that are included with the game, but I don’t have enough golf bucks to purchase the add’l courses and I’m not earning them very quickly be replaying the courses that I’ve already beat…

  33. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Hi Charlie, sorry I didn’t program the new version so I don’t know if there are any cheats.

  34. Deanna Says:

    How do you win at the longest drive I have tried everything, even clicking on the bright yellow part of the

  35. Greg Says:

    I have recently purchased the Faiway Premium edition and was wondering if the same type of editing is possible.
    Unlike most “cheats” I used this extensively in Fairway Solitaiure to make it more challenging by increasing, tokens, runs etc.
    Seems a little mundane to only have to complete a course in under par to porgreaa to next course in the updated version.

  36. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Hi Greg, I didn’t make Fairway Premium so I don’t know if it’s possible. Sorry about that.