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Tidied up my Desktop

Monday, March 26th, 2007

Yes, I’ve been procrastinating! However, I feel that it was useful because I tidied up my PC desktop.

Unlike lots of desktops that I often see, I didn’t have any “rubbish” i.e. files that need to be deleted and “new folders” and duplicate icons etc. Also my desktop was carefully planned out into various zones for apps that I use such as logs, current folders, games I’m currently playing etc. However, there was only a small are of useable desktop left! Furthermore, having all these icons often distracted me from my mission at hand i.e. programming a game.

So I did a “boxing up” approach. I’ve still got icons for apps that I use EVERY DAY, and I’ve left shortcuts to drives and folders that I use EVERY DAY, but I’ve boxed the rest of the stuff up into folders like “current” which contains reasonably frequently used stuff, “playing”, “less used”, and “logs” – I’m a bit of a log fanatic but they don’t all need to be on my desktop!

It feels so much better, loads of space and I know where to look if I need something. I’ll just have to retrain myself to the alphabetical ordering of the contents of the new folders as normally I arrange my icons in an importance order.

So I totally recommend that you consider doing this too. It only took me 10 minutes. Note that I already have a tidy desk and office – it goes without saying that this is important too. Don’t give me the “I’m a creative person so I have lots of clutter round” line, that’s bull – I’m creative too and I do my creation in my brain, often when I’m not even in the office. Or how about “It may be messy but I know where everything is”, well so do I, and I bet I can find things quicker than you can 🙂 An untidy office just shows lack or organisational discipline which could be present into other areas of your professional and home life too…