Casual Review is For Sale

Casual Review, a website that reviews casual games, is for sale.

I used to check this site regularly for their reviews to get an alternative opinion to GameZebo and to see if they had any games that GameZebo did not. They even reviewed Holiday Bonus and Xmas Bonus.

Recently though the site has stopped posting reviews for quite a while. This is because it’s run by developers as a secondary activity, and now they want to sell it to concentrate on making games.

As the site is already set up and ready to go it could possibly be a good buy for the right price. It’s got a web presence and an existing reader base (although this may have dropped off considerably due to lack of new reviews).

So how does it make money? Well from Adsense and banner ads and from affiliate sales links. Of course how much much money depends on their traffic. Alexa paints a pretty grim picture though with all the stats dropping down rapidly. Its current 1 week traffic rank is way lower than mine for example and I get peanuts from google ads.

Before purchasing an asset like this it would of course be wise to ask for revenue figures from advertising and affiliate sales and any other channels and then you could base your buying price on that, assuming that you believed you could run the site as good or better.

I’ll be interested to see what happens with it…good luck to them in selling it too.

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