Back on the case

Hi, well I had a great time in the Ukraine, we did 28 hours of Aikido and some Tai Chi on a mountain and had loads of great day trips, plus great food and lots of vokda. Then when I got back my family and I went camping in Devon for a few days, which was very nice.

Since then I’ve been crazily busy working on my current game. The game screen was done (and polished) before I went to the Ukraine; all that remains to be done is the supporting screens – but there’s a hell of a lot of them!

I’ve still got a couple of weeks more work to do on these screens and then an alpha version should be ready. Based on feedback from that I’ll be able to get it into a proper beta state, and once the beta testing is complete (and fixes/tweaks are made) it’ll be released. This whole process could easily take a month or more I guess. The sooner the better though because there’s a big hole in my bank account! However, I want to make sure that the game is excellent to ensure plenty of sales of course.

Also, at some point I have to make sure that it’s properly converted into other languages. This won’t be a big deal because the game already reads all of its text from a Unicode language file and the bitmap fonts support multiple languages.

So there won’t be many posts until the game is done, sorry about that. Please “visualise” me finishing the game soon and it looking excellent, thanks!

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