2022 Artwork

In early 2022 Helen and I made a mockup title screen for a city builder game that we were working on, but it’s not been announced yet and so I can’t post that, sorry!

We also spent most of the year working on Regency Solitaire II (click the link to see screenshots) and that has involved a lot of art direction and fixes/editing. So I’ve spent a LOT of time in Photoshop but I can’t claim the art as my own, though we are very proud of the result.

I spent a few weekends having fun making fonts in Pico-8. You can see that I made two fonts with variations on having a thick bass (one appears more italic as a result of shifting where the thick pixels are), and also a Western-themed font.

Plus I made an abstract landscape painting of a view from around where I live. It’s actually a piece of land that is going to built on soon with a large housing development, so I felt it was my duty to visit it and take it in.

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